While every other modern technology user comes across small glitches now and then, sometimes these software errors are not easy to ignore and bring horrific consequences with them.


Along with terrible crashes, companies often also have to pay the terrible price of such failures. According to research, well-known companies approx. pay as much as $25 per minute for security breaches. We have brought down a list of software failures that happened in recent years to deem the damage they caused and why is it important to take preventive measures.


  1. GitLab Data Loss

One of the major outages in the history of the IT world is the 300GB accidental data loss of GitLab that had no backup.


GitLab changed its strategy and tried to test a solution using two database servers. The data was planned to be copied from the production side while the automatic mechanism started deleting an account that was identified as dangerous. Escalating traffic slowed the data copying process and then stopped working completely.


Not only this but all the while, data from the production was deleted accidentally, losing the live production data. The deletion process was stopped after a while which could only save 4.5GB of data.


It all resulted in a total of 18-hour outage and according to the company it has lost 5,000 new projects, 5,000 comments, and approx. 700 users.


  1. British Airways Glitch

Known to be the busiest month for airways, on 7th August 2019 the computer system of British airways went down canceling almost hundreds of flights and over 300 delayed ones. The system failure affected thousands of passengers requiring them to rebook their flights by manual means.


Although the problem was overcome within hours, the impact of failure lingered for a few days before things functioned back to normal.


However, this only happened recently while last year British Airways was fined 200 million euros for a security breach that happened because of a cyber-hack, exposing the data of approx. 500 thousand customers.


One more time British Airways faced a humungous system failure was back in 2017 when more than 75,000 passengers were affected with an almost 80-million-pound loss to the company itself.


  1. Amazon AWS Outage

When we say IT failures that means nobody is spared, not even Amazon AWS.


In 2017 Amazon suffered a serious outage on the eastern coast of the U.S. A lot of sites are dependent on AWS, so when it went down the impact was felt all across the internet. Major technical problems of AWS troubled tons of well-known websites with it.


Famous names like Netflix, Slack, etc. were highly impacted by the respective outage.


  1. Google + Glitch

A security breach of google + compromised the information of almost 500 000 people who were consumers of social networks between 2015 to 2018.


The huge security breach allowed outside developers to see the name, age, gender, email address, and all personal information of all the people using the network. And shortly afterward, the consumer network was permanently closed.


  1. Facebook App Outage

Facebooks’ ability to handle sensitive information was already being questioned when it turned out that almost 50 million accounts were at risk and shortly on 25th September 2018 an attack was detected.


Several flaws of software-enabled hackers to hack multiple accounts including the account of Facebook’s CEO. According to Facebook’s representative, hackers exploited the ‘view As’ option resulting in obtaining the authentication for those accounts. As a preventative measure, 40 million accounts were logged out and secured.


These are the most famous software failures that have occurred causing huge losses and irrecoverable impacts on businesses.