eOctopus HRM specializes in what are known as Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS).In a sense, we all are human resources, but the kind of resources that eOctopus HRM is concerned with is the talented and skilled people who work for companies and other organizations. In larger firms, keeping track of employees and ensuring that they are appropriately skilled is an extremely complex task. That's where HRM systems come in.

Human Resource Management is at the center of any successful business, and requires the establishment of many complex and vital processes. Because of this complexity, it is essential that firms use the latest software in their HR departments.

eOctopus HRM is world leader in HRM systems. Our SaaS-based Integrated Talent Management solutions provide online access to all aspects of HR management and are fully customizable to meet your needs. Critical business functions such as compensation, staff training plans, career management and recruitment can then be dealt with via an integrated system, allowing for close control and analysis of key processes.