eOctopus POS: Driving Superior Customer Experiences

Retailers must evolve point of sale to point of service to stay afloat and compete with today’s innovators in an increasingly cutthroat global environment. Consumers rule, and the businesses that can fully service and predict what they want win the game. As multiple ways to attract and retain customers emerge, it’s more important than ever to understand what compels consumers to act and how to anticipate consumer trends.

Connecting, cultivating, and captivating the modern shopper requires new thinking around segmentation, engagement, and establishing trust. Retailers must understand their best customers and architect an operation that attracts them and establishes a meaningful relationship between them and the brand. Delivering on brand promise—from the point of manufacturing to doorstep delivery—means being transparent about the brand and operations. Making big, bold investments in point of sale systems means establishing a single view of the customer, inventory, and order so that retailers can deliver the end-to-end experience customers expect.

Achieving a single, 360-degree view of the customer and inventory is no longer a competitive advantage, but a basic requirement to thrive. Retailers who meet this requirement first will build stronger relationships with customers, create space for innovation projects, and make more strategic decisions that maximize their growth.