The five-step link of primary filter leak detection should be paid attention to
First, the instrument used: dust particle counter.
Second, the principle of leak detection: This experiment applies wall penstocks the principle of light scattering, and the counter uses the principle of photomultiplier tubes to receive the light reflected by dust particles to determine its size and quantity, and to be scientifically analyzed.
Third, the requirements of the experiment
1, the status: need to test in a static environment, the relevant personnel can not exceed 2 people;
2, pressure difference: for different cleanliness, the static pressure difference is generally 5Pa, and the static pressure difference between the clean area and the non-clean area is 10Pa; 3, the environment: the surrounding temperature should be controlled between 18--26 °C, the relative humidity should be controlled between 45--65%.
Fourth, the method of the experiment:
1. The instrument counter is disinfected with water and 75% alcohol, and filter nozzle then irradiated by ultraviolet rays for about 30 minutes, and then passed into the clean area;
2. Place the counter horizontally on the desktop, and connect the plastic pipe port for measurement to the spout of the filter equipment;
3. Turn on the power supply, the device will automatically start to detect;
4. Observe the data displayed;
5. After the test is completed, the power should be turned off in time.
V. Conclusion of the experiment:
Through the above experiments, we can see which primary filter disc air diffuser has leakage, whether it needs to be plugged or replaced, and it must be retested after repairing or replacing these equipment. Under normal use, it is generally necessary to conduct tests at least once a year to see if the performance of the device has changed.