The key to the primary filter tank filter is an air purification device that has been researched and invented to make your life better. It is based on the general architecture of the old air purification equipment. Although its research and invention ideas and forms of creation have been particularly greatly improved, wherever it originally functioned or remained unchanged. As a commonly used air purifier, it has the following two general functions. Therefore, activated carbon filters are equipment that is used more in any place. This kind of machine room air conditioning filter is a good brand and has become a good choice for people. Regarding the purchase of the air conditioning filter in the computer room, only by fully comparing its material and purification effect can we make a better choice for it. In addition, after the air conditioner is used Mechanical fine screen for a period of time, there is a lot of dust and dirt on the filter net, which can easily breed bacteria and . Those harmful substances will circulate indoors with the air, pollute the air, spread, and seriously endanger human health. Therefore, Xiaobian reminds everyone that it is necessary to improve the purification effect of the air conditioning filter in the computer room, and also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning filter in the machine room.

Why is the air volume of hePA filter smaller? I believe that many customers have certain doubts about MBR reactor this problem in the process of product use, and today I will explain to you several reasons why the air volume of the high efficiency filter has become smaller.
First: first confirm whether the final resistance of the HEPA filter (that is, its destruction value) is not the final resistance of the product in the process of use, and the final resistance value of the general HEPA filter is 400-600pa.
Second: high-efficiency filter front-end initial effect filter, whether the medium-efficiency filter has also reached the final resistance value, because of the previous initial effect, the medium-effect mainly plays a role in protecting the high-efficiency filter, if the front-end initial effect of the medium-effect filter reaches the destruction value, it also affects the air volume of the high-efficiency filter.
Three: the problem of the air conditioning unit is whether the air volume Rotating sludge scraper of the air conditioning unit has reached the air volume of the entire purification space during the use process.