Different water quality uses different filtration precision, so before filtering kao check what kind of requirements need to be filtered water quality, and then customize the corresponding filter, etc., self-cleaning filter will contain impurities of sewage through the method of physical interception of impurities in the water filter into the filter, the clean water discharged and recycled, uninterrupted during operation.Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the suspended particles, the greater the Belt Filter Press effect of direct interception. 
After the self-cleaning filter is installed, the technician purifies it to set the filtration time and the cleaning changeover time. Impurities that enter the water from the inlet to be treated are deposited in the stainless steel filter, resulting in a pressure difference. The differential pressure switch in multi disc screw press the inlet and outlet is used to monitor changes in the pressure differential. When the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electric control zhi device will supply oil to the hydraulic control valve and ji live motor signal to ji live the following operations: the motor drives the brush rotation, cleans the filter components and controls the valve to open and lose the entire cleaning process is shorter. After cleaning is complete, the control valve closes, the engine stops rotating, the system returns to its initial state, and the next filtration process begins without interruption, making it easy to operate and consumes less water.
Self-cleaning filter filtration treatment is a fully automatic process, when filtering, the sewage through the filter screen, the impurities in the water are removed, thereby changing the impurity quality in the water. Suspended particles are filtered and intercepted by the filter in inertia, precipitation, diffusion, direct interception, etc.
First of all, the automatic self-cleaning filter in the control mode, generally using differential pressure control, PLC timing control, filtration, cleaning, sewage automatic operation, to achieve unguarded, uninterrupted water supply, equipment can automatically clean, automatic discharge, easy to operate.
Secondly, the automatic self-cleaning filter is subject to different water quality conditions. General circulating water, steel casting water, agricultural irrigation water, air conditioning cold water, printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, etc. can be used to automatically clean the filter, self-cleaning filter accuracy range covers a wide range, flexible flow control, small footprint. However, when choosing, we should pay attention Wall Penstocks to the size of the flow rate, the size of the concentration of suspended solids, and the size of the inlet water pressure.