Listening to your child
As your little one grows, pay attention to his interests. If he is drawn to a particular topic, such as dinosaurs, try finding children's books on that topic. This will reinforce that books are tools to learn more about the things we care about. It would most likely be read if it was about his favorite little dinosaur.

Don't worry if your kids haven't read Achebe or Dostoevsky yet, the main thing is that they do. If they only read comics now, that's fine. Stories and graphic novels still offer reading opportunities! You can encourage them to provide other reading material, but there is no need to pressure if they refuse to accept it now.

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Let reading be a daily chore
Making reading an enjoyable part of your child's life starts with including books in your daily routine. Set aside reading time before bed or on public transportation. When you're together, make sure to limit distractions, such as cell phones and television. All of your time should be together!

Part of learning to enjoy reading is being around books at home. If possible, try to put together a collection of books for your children. It doesn't have to be big and all-encompassing, one small group will do very well.

If it's available near you, check your local library for information on story time programs. These gatherings can be a great way for a child to enjoy books while being social with other children at the same time. You could also consider starting a small book club with your friends and their children.